Our story begins with Dr. Hüseyin Dağar’s step into Medical Aesthetics in 2004. The first result of Dr. Dağar’s  initiatives was the opening of the beauty clinic in 2005. The second outstanding result was Özlem Dağar’s beauty academy in 2007. In 2008, with the production of domestic IPL equipment, our company has taken a leading role in the production of equipment.

In 2011, when the bride, our company began to carry out the Turkey representative of the Spanish cosmetics and mesotherapy products. By adding slimming and skin care devices to the range of devices, our company has reached an effective position in meeting the device and expertise needs of beauty salons. Mormed is pleased to share its experience in beauty sector such as  salon and clinical management, education, production, import and cosmetics with other stakeholders in the sector.

Basically,Mormed has chosen to grow by focusing on winnings of its customers. Mormed regards its customers as its business partners. Thus, Mormed takes customers’ problems seriously and accepts them as their own. This is our only source of advertising and growth elixir since our establishment. 

We aim to make a serious economic contribution to our homeland where we live and produce value and to be among the reputable institutions of our country. We continue to work with great seriousness for the development of our country by blending the accumulation and experience gained by the years we left behind with the technology we produce.


 Now we are proud and happy to be the leader of medical aesthetics sector in our country. Mormed pays its moral debt to this country  its products and brands  a representative network spread all over the world.

Mormed has determined its position and targets in the globalizing world with its very own brands Alex, Magic Eis, Red Shine, HydrOxyPeel, Shape Sculpture,  Ilex, Hobraz, Tatouage, Diode Cardinale, Striaoff. Mormed continues to provide added value and employment to the sector through the different technologies it produces through its R & D activities that are accelerating and developing day by day. We will continue to produce different, innovative and value-adding systems with our efforts that have been continuing with great devotion for many years.

Along with the responsibilities of being an industry leader, we, as Mormed; We provide continuous after-sales technical support and trainings provided by professional trainers, and we attach importance to customer satisfaction and enable businesses to earn big profits at low cost. We provide professional services to all around Turkey with our offices located in Konya, Ankara and İstanbul.

We are pleased to see you as a member of this wonderful family.

Dr. Hüseyin Dağar 

Özlem Dağar