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What is Dermarc?

Dermarc, which can operate in pulsed and non-pulsed modes, is designed to operate without contact through high-frequency current sparks.


In which areas is Dermarc used?

Skin Care / Anti Aging Care / Stretch Mark Care

How does Dermarc regenerate the skin?

It repairs the skin with its thermal effect on the skin surface with the current it gives. It initiates the regeneration process by triggering collagen and elastin fibers. Dermarc is an effective skin repair system where you can achieve the desired smooth skin in problematic skin tissue.

Golden Needle and Other Skin Care Devices Mormed Group Dermarc : Things to Know to Open a Beauty Center


The beauty industry has become quite diversified with the development of technology. This diversity is also reflected in skin care devices. If you are thinking of opening a beauty center, you should thoroughly research both the devices you will invest in and the certificates and conditions required for this business.

Golden Needle Devices
The gold needle device and gold needle fractional laser offer highly effective methods of skin rejuvenation and tightening. There are many different gold needle machines on the market, but it is worthwhile to do extensive research to determine which is the 'best gold needle machine'.

Skin Care Machines and Tools
Among the tools used in skin care, there are many different options such as facial care devices, dermabrasion machines and laser devices. Facial care device prices may vary depending on the features, brand and functions of the device.

Requirements and Certification for Opening a Beauty Center
Before opening a beauty center, you should have information about the required 'beauty center opening certificate' and other documents. Each country and local government may have different requirements for opening a beauty center, so it is essential to act in accordance with local legislation.



Opening a beauty center requires serious investment and planning. When deciding which skin care devices or gold needle machine to buy, it will make your job easier if you also have information about the certificates required and the requirements to be followed.

That's why it's important to do extensive research and create a business plan before entering the sector. Only in this way can you build a successful and sustainable business model.



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