Fraxi HD

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An ideal combination of micro-needling and RF technology, FRAXI HD is an ideal device that helps skin rejuvenation by precisely focusing RF energy directly into a specific skin area with minimally invasive micro-needles. The feature that distinguishes FRAXI HD from laser-based applications is the process and result time. It helps to increase the brightness of the skin, especially for the face area, and also helps to reduce acne scars and blemishes. With FRAXI HD, successful results can be obtained in acne scars, wrinkles, skin spots and stretch marks

Working Principle

In the working method of FRAXI HD, it is aimed to make small holes in the skin with micro needles to help the skin repair and renew them. The radio frequency energy given under the skin warms the skin and with the effect of heating, the collagen fibers are shortened and the skin is recovered and tightened. In addition, by stimulating the synthesis of collagen with the effect of heat, the skin is repaired and regenerated over time.

Technology Content

Eco HIFU has a new generation ultrasound technology with 5 different heads with a frequency range of 4 Mhz - 7 Mhz suitable for every region. Each cartridge of the Eco Hifu machine reaches more than 10000 beats. 1.5 mm head – Eye Contour and Forehead 3.0 mm head – Cheek and Jowl 4.5 mm head - Cheek and Jowl 8.0mm head – Arm, Belly and Leg 13mm head - Arm, Belly and Leg

Advantages to the Business

Fractional RF system is a lifting technology in which micro-needle and radio frequency systems can work simultaneously and that provides stimulation by giving heat under the skin with its heads suitable for different skin depths

Benefits to End User

Pore tightening without any surgical intervention. Possibility to continue daily life after the procedure. It helps skin rejuvenation with a fast and comfortable procedure. It improves the quality of life with its skin tightening feature.

Mormed Group Fraxi HD Essential Equipment and Cost Guide for Beauty Center


If you are thinking of opening a beauty center or salon, equipment selection and cost calculations are of great importance. In order to know how to choose between skin care machine, needle mesotherapy device, high frequency device and other beauty machine options, a few important points are mentioned below.

Skin Care Machines and Prices
Skin care device prices and skin care device price may vary depending on various factors. For example, a high frequency device may be more affordable than a needle mesotherapy device. When making price comparisons, you should also consider the features and quality of the device.

Beauty Equipment
When choosing equipment, not only skin care devices but also beauty equipment is of great importance. Beauty center skin care products will improve the quality of the services you offer in your salon.

License and Certification
In order to open a beauty salon, various documents and licenses are required. For example, beauty salon license requirements must be met. In addition, the equipment you will use may also need to have certain certificates and approvals.

Needle Mesotherapy Device and Other Special Equipment
If you plan to offer more specific and specialized services at your center, you will also need specialized equipment, such as a needle mesotherapy device. This type of equipment can often be more costly, but it can improve the quality and diversity of the services you offer.

Equipment selection is one of the important steps to take when opening a beauty center. Skin care device prices, beauty salon license requirements and other factors will directly affect the cost and success of the business. Taking these factors into account during the planning stage can save you time and money in the long run.


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