Enhanced Q-Switched Nd: YAG lasers, which distribute energy evenly, are used in different skin tones and in different applications. For a truly successful tattoo removal, Q-Switch ND: YAG lasers with multiple colors and sufficient energy are required. Tatouage’s various wavelengths provides you an ability of successful and easy tattoo removal.

  With Q-Switch Nd 532 nm wavelength, you can remove red, orange and yellow tattoos. With the YAG 1064 nm wavelength, you can remove black and blue tattoos. You can removegreen tattoos with a wavelength of 755 nm. You can make carbon peeling with 1320 nm wavelength. Tatouage offers tattoo removal as well as eyebrow contour and lip contour removal. It also offers the possibility of removal of stains with carbon peeling, rejuvenating the skin and shrinking the skin pores.

TATOUAGE: It is the most successful l aser in tattoo removal with a wide range of color options. The newly developed Q-switch lasers that transmit energy evenly are very successful in tattoo removal.

  With its 4 different headers, it offers an effective treatment from superficial blemishes to skin problems. It produces high quality laser beams with different wavelengths at 532, 755, 1064 and 1320nm. The Q-Switch laser targets the dye particles and the application is done by determining the wavelength appropriate to the color of the tattoo.

  The Q-Switch laser targets only tattoo ink and is trapped by tattoo paints by means of rays. Black is the color that absorbs the light most. Since lasers only target the dye, it can be safely used on many skin types, regardless of skin color.


532nm  Wavelength

For light colored tattoos


755nm Wavelength 

For green tattoos


1064nm Wavelength 

For dark tattoos


1320nm Wavelength 

Carbonpeeling handpiece