With the new generation of regional thinning technology, Hobraz deeply effects under the skin to produce collagen and remodel skin tissue. Radio Frequency waves activate the water molecules and ions in the body and soft tissues in the applied area are activated. Thus, it provides thinning and tightening of the skin.Lifting applicaton prevents soft tissue sagging and wrinkling caused by excessive use of mimic, such as the effects of the sun on the skin. It provides stretching and strengtening the main muscles on your mouth, neck, chin, cheek and forehead just as you use these muscles while you are exercising.

  Reconstruction occurs in the face and chin area. Restores vivid and youthful appearance.
You have the opportunity to make comfortable regional thinning applications through Tripolar and Multipolar Radio Frequency handpieces.


It is possible to have a well
proportioned and smoother body with HOBRAZ

  Tripolar is a 3-pole radiofrequency method. It increases the temperature of the fat tissue and the lower layers of the skin and allows the fat cells to shrink. It can go deeper into the skin than bipolar radiofrequency. It is the technology that affects the skin’s fat tissue.
Radiofrequency is used in both face and body. It heats elastin and collagen under the skin as well as extracellular protein fibers. As the temperature increases, collagen fibers thicken and tissue quality increases. Radio waves release the sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium in the body and exposes energy. Thus tightening of the collagen is occured.
The growing fat layer associated with age and malnutrition results in the appearance of an orange peel shape outside the skin. With HOBRAZ, it is possible to have smoother skin and well-shaped body in a very short time.n lifting, electrode with two handpieces is used. The muscle fibers between the two electrodes move. The low frequency current applied to the muscle motor point allows the muscles to move involuntarily and lengthens the muscle. Thus, the skin is tightened and the lines are reduced.

  With increased age, sagging and lines occur on our face and body. As the fat tissue in our face decreases, aging starts.
Lifting care provides cell renewal, decrease wrinkle appearance, increase skin stretching and vitality. The muscles around the lips, cheeks, cheekbone, forehead, and eyes are exercised and the sagging tissues are recovered. Radiofrequency application can be used in regional slimming of our body. No pain is felt during the application.

  With Multipolar RF, you can perform more effectively in places where large volume of fat is collected in your body (belly, leg, hip).