Shape Sculpture is a new generation regional slimming system developed using the latest technology. With 2 specially designed headers, you can get rid of excess fat comfortably, healthily and effectively in both large and small areas.

  Shape Sculpture is a common regional thinning method used by authorized centers.

  It freezes excess fat cells formed in unwanted parts of the body in a non-invasive way and renders them dysfunctional. Fat cells that lose their function are disintegrated and excreted through lymphatic pathways.

  This process is completed in a fast, healthy and controlled manner and regional slimming is realized.


  Shape Sculpture application is started by identifying the problematic area in the body. Body analysis of the detected area is performed. An antifreeze membrane that protects the epidermis (the outer surface of the skin) is prepared and put onto skin. The vacuum handpiece of the device is placed in the area. Fat cells are frozen for approximately 30 minutes at an average of + 5 / -16 degrees. Thus, the destruction of fat cells takes place.There is no pain during the application and it is a non-invasive procedure.

  It is a procedure that can be applied to everyone, men and women without affecting your daily life. Application areas are belly, hips, arms, hips, back, calf, waist.