Aqua Peeling is a new generation care application that deeply cleanses your skin. Purifies your skin from dead skin cells and blackheads while it moisturizes your skin. This application has an anti-aging effect that sparkles your skin after cleansing care.

AquapeelingIt is anew generation careapplication that deeplycleanses your skin. Purifiesyour skin from dead skin cellsand blackheads while itmoisturizes your skin. Thisapplication has an anti-agingeffect that sparkles your skinafter cleansing care.Ultrasund: It is used totransmit the vitaminsneeded by our skin tolower layers by help of ultrasonic sound waves.

Ultrasonic PeelingEffective  skin peeling method: With a series of sound waves, the skin is purified from dead cells. The resulting sound waves allow the skin to get rid of foreign matter, toxins and cosmetic residues in the depths of the pores.

RadiofrequencyBy heating the lower layer of our skin, it helps to tighten the skin and open fine wrinkles, to recover the jowl, to reduce the appearance of goose feet and nasobial lines, to increase the production of collagen to have a firmer skin.

SpreyIt is used to distribute the  tonic, serum and vitamins we use for skin care in equal amounts to the skin through tubes in its handpiece with pressure.

Smooth TeraphyThrough its powerful cooling engine, it is used to relieve the sensitivity of the skin at the end of all applications, to relax the skin and to relieve the burning sensation in the skin.

UltrasundIt is used to transmit the vitamins needed by our skin to lower layers by help of ultrasonic sound waves.

• Pore cleaning
• Blackheads removal
• Pore tightening

• Strengthening of skin tissues and structure
• Skin tone equalization
• Fine wrinkle removal