HD FOCUS 4D Next Generation 4-dimensional technology reaches subcutaneous tissue and focuses heat energy directly on the applied area with ultrasound system. Thanks to this, it stimulates the lower layer of the skin, allowing it to renew. As a result, it improves skin texture, reduces skin sagging and provides a smooth and aesthetic appearance.


  The advantages of face and skin lifting technique, a popular treatment and application method, HD Focus 4D offers a comfortable and effective experience without the need for any surgical procedure.

  • 1.5/3.0/4,5/6.0/13/16 mm head
  • 3.0 mm cap for forehead cheek and lip circumference and around the eyes
  • 4.5 mm cap for the entire face, except for the lip circumference
  • 6.0 mm nozzle for lower cheek and tickle
  • Chest area and 13 mm nozzle for erect
  • Humpty areas under arms and feet for arm sags are inner honey and 16 mm head for outer calf
  • Again the arm sag and the thigh inside and outside the thigh on the legs
  • Each title with 20 thousand throws