The effects and benefits of bio energy inherent in nature, Magic Touch offers natural treatment and therapy application with technology.

  With advanced bio-energy system technology, electrical energy is transmitted directly to the body by special level wavelengths, complicated by the heart and converted into body energy. In this way, the cells are activated and strengthened by the deep heat (diathermia) and the body energy generated.

  As a result, it increases metabolism (oxidation rate), relaxes blood vessels, muscles and nerves. It not only relieves pain, but also prevents skin problem and obesity. Its effect regulating blood pressure is also clinically proven and documented.

The proven device also holds GMP and ISO 13485 certificates.


Electrical Mode  >>>  Electrostatic Switching Mode

Power  >>>  100v/220v 50/60Hz

Frequency  >>>  300,000Hz (0.3MHz)

Power Consumption  >>>  230W

Weight  >>>  2.0 Kg

Size  >>>  285 (L) × 215 (W) × 112 (H) mm

Main Functions  >>>  Skin Care/Skin Care/Obesity Management/Pain Treatment