Royal Lift offers painless and non-surgical breast aesthetic application with its developed vacuum technology. The massage effect, which allows the breast to be effectively absorbed by vacuum application, dilates blood vessels and accelerates blood circulation. Thanks to this, it increases the body’s secretion rate of breast hormone, adding fullness and elasticity to the chest.

  It tightens and fulfills problems such as sagging and relaxation by strengthening the muscles of the chest, preventing the adipose tissue. Provides a more viable and fuller look.

  The underdeveloped breasts have a more pronounced shape by applying negative pressure with 3D tensile force technique.

  The delicate and not so important for women, the exceptional effect of vacuum technology enhanced by combining the latest technology, the possibility of practical use, fast and with effective application, you can achieve high customer transformation by providing your services.

Application Methods ;

Lifting the Bust : 

Removes deformations that occur in the breasts, such as sagging, relaxation, excessive softness. Vacuum technology gently and effectively stretches the breast tissue so that the stretched cells give elasticity and resilience to the breast tissue.

Plumping and Tightening : 

With time, aging, frequent weight gain, childbirth, breastfeeding, incorrect use of bras, etc., tightens the breasts that have lost their old appearance for many reasons, etc.

It’s a big deal : 

Immediately developed, with scientifically proven vacuum technique for small and straight breasts, expanding the chest volume with quick and effective results.

Royal Lift kadın


  • Scientifically proven application technique
  • It does not make scar tissue, stretch marks and chest deformity.


  1. Gradually adjustable suction power
  2. Increased effect with Mio Lifting Pads
  3. Breast analyzer
  4. Effective and Powerful vacuum pump
  5. Six different sizes of vacuum heads