In 2004, our story, which started with Dr. Hüseyin Dağar's stepping into the field of medical aesthetic medicine, gave its first fruit with the beauty clinic business in 2005, gave its second fruit with Özlem Dağar's beauty academy in 2007 and started a pioneering in Turkey in equipment production by producing a domestic IPL device in 2008.

Now we are proud and happy to be the leader of the medical aesthetic sector in our country. Mormed pays its moral debt to this country by selling its products and brands all over the world through its representative offices.

In 2011, Mormed became the representative of Spanish cosmetics and mesotherapy products in Turkey, and by adding slimming and skin care devices to its range of devices, it has become a candidate to fully meet the need for the devices and experience that salons will need. Mormed, which has gained experience in salon and clinic management, training, production, import, cosmetics in the beauty sector, does not hesitate to transfer this experience to all its stakeholders.

Mormed has determined its position and goals in the globalizing world with its brands Alex, Magic Eis, Red Shine, HydrOxyPeel, Shape Sculpture, Ilex, Hobraz, Tatouage, Diode Cardinale, Striaoff, and continues to add value and employment to the sector with the different technologies it produces by accelerating its R&D studies day by day. We will continue to produce different, innovative, value-adding systems as a result of our work that has continued with great devotion for many years.

Mormed has basically chosen the path of growth by focusing on the winning of its customers and has a service understanding that sees him as his own partner and at the same time sees his problems as his own problems and knows his win as his own gain. This is the only source of advertisement and growth elixir since its establishment.

As Mormed, with the responsibilities given by the leadership in the sector, we give great importance to customer satisfaction with uninterrupted technical support and professional trainers after sales, and we help to make more effective and less consumable applications with our business-friendly devices. We provide local service all over Turkey with our branches in Konya, Ankara and Istanbul.

We will be happy to have you as part of our wonderful family.


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