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Passive Gymnastics is a technology based on the passive exercise method that aims at breaking down fat and tightening, which enables the muscles that cannot work in the body to be mobilized with radio waves by giving low-voltage electricity with the help of pads. Since passive gymnastics gives the body the effect of exercising and expending energy, calories are burned due to overwork in metabolism. At the same time, the radio waves sent to the body stimulate the adipose tissues and help to remove the fat from the body.

Working Principle

By connecting the problem area with the help of pads, low-voltage electricity is given and the muscles work. Thanks to more than one pad, it can apply to more than one part of the body at the same time and work the muscles in different areas simultaneously. With different level options, the most suitable setting can be applied according to the person.

Technology Content

It has 8 outputs and 16 pads. It can be operated manually as well as being automatically programmed. It is easy to use and provides excellent customer compliance

Advantages to the Business

Painless, and comfortable application. With the variety of services you offer, you can reach a much wider customer base. More sensitive applications with adjustable process level setting. Easy to use with practical installation. Functional use in the upper and lower extremities. It helps to spend personal energy with 4 different modes and electrical wavelengths.

Benefits to End User

It offers the effect of intense exercise in a single session. It recovers overall circulation in people who do not exercise

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