G5 Machine

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G5 Machine is a professional vibrating massage device used for tightening and cellulite removal with its vibrating system

Working Principle

It is to provide massage application with mechanically assisted massage therapy vibration. It stimulates the muscle and nervous system, and also strengthens blood circulation and lymphatic system circulation. It softens the fats, beautifies the cellulite tissue, relaxes the muscles and helps to recover.

Technology Content

G5 is a massage technology that can be applied with different apparatus. for all body parts and contains an effective and powerful vibration system.

Advantages to the Business

Possibility to achieve even greater impact by combining it with another professional Ultra Sound and RF Machine. More sensitive applications with adjustable intensity level. More functional use with different shape parts such as belly, shoulders, arms and legs. You can increase your service portfolio thanks to its feature that supports physical therapy. With the variety of services you offer, you can reach a much wider customer base.

Benefits to End User

It helps soften fat to shape the body. It helps to separate the oil particles and eliminate the tissueIt helps to effectively relieve the tension and fatigue of the muscles to relax you. It helps relieve muscle pain by eliminating de-toxin and fatigue. It helps to prevent muscle fatigue and stiffness and also to increase the mobility of the joints. It helps to reduce the lack of muscle exercises to reduce joint edema. It helps reduce cellulite by promoting blood circulation.

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