Needle Epilation Device

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Needle epilation device is a two-system needle epilation device that includes Flash and Thermolysis systems, allowing application with both classical and painless methods. It is one of the permanent hair removal systems that gives the most effective results in the classic but still timeless hair removal. Needle hair removal can be used on most areas of the body, including the eyebrows, face, abdomen, thighs, breasts and legs.

Working Principle

In order to destroy the hair root, an electric current is applied into the hair follicle by using a very thin needle-shaped electrode or metal probe. A thin probe follows the hair shaft towards the dermal papillae, while at the same time a special electric current destroys the papillae. Then the loosened hair body is removed.

Technology Content

Electrolysis, which is a method of removing split hairs from the face or body, is a technology developed to directly destroy the hair growth center with chemical or heat energy

Advantages to the Business

It offers effective epilation on gray, white, red and yellow hairs. It provides more sensitive and efficient use with its adjustable current pot. It provides an effective epilation opportunity in cases where laser and photo epilation are ineffective.

Benefits to End User

It offers a more permanent effect rate. It is an effective system for white hairs. It increases the success rate in complementary type procedures and Photo Epilation applications.

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