Pressotherapy Machine

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Lymph Drainage is a technology that aims to improve the quality of the skin, thinning the circumference, tightening the skin and under the skin by applying pressure massage to the body. The lymphatic and venous circulation in the body is accelerated by pressure, helping to drain the fluid accumulated between the veins. It is a method that is used to eliminate edema in the body due to various diseases and to remove cellulite, while increasing the effectiveness of regional slimming and body tightening programs

Working Principle

The person is dressed with lymph equipment and the feet, legs and abdomen are wrapped, and then the lymph drainage device is operated. The device provides lymph drainage by applying pressure from the fingertips upwards at regular intervals.

Technology Content

The device, which can perform pressure massage on the body, has 10 different programs. In each program, the pressure force varying between 30 and 120 mm/Hg is programmed according to the patient.

Advantages to the Business

It provides painless and painless comfortable application. With the variety of services you offer, you can reach a much wider customer base. More sensitive applications with adjustable pressure level. Easy to use with practical installation. It helps cellulite and regional thinning applications with ultrasound and radiofrequency.

Benefits to End User

It helps to reduce the feeling of edema, heaviness and pain, especially in the legs. It supports weight loss, separation and reduction of fat. It helps to improve metabolism by promoting blood circulation. It helps to remove weight and cellulite. It contributes to the regulation of lymph flow. It helps to recover loose muscle tissue and body sagging.

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