Alex Eis

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Alex Eis is a double-headed photoepilation device developed by Mormed Group with many years of experience in the industry, which offers pulsed radiation technology and Eis cold head and serial pulse system in one device, which allows you to perform 3D operations.

Working Principle

In Alex EIS, the risk of burning.. is minimized and the feeling of pain is reduced, thanks to the pulsed radiation technology and the extra-cooled head, which includes a variable wavelength in the range of 610-1200 nm and a 3D epilation system. It offers an excellent epilation experience by increasing its speed and comfort with its serial throwing feature.

Technology Content

The epilation can be performed by choosing the ideal system among the 2 different technologies it incorporates. Alex System: In this system, which can be applied with pulsed radiation technology and square pulse system, effective and safe epilation can be performed even on thin hair and dark skin. In addition, a hygienic process is guaranteed thanks to the personalized silicone cap tips that can be used with the cap. +Shr system: While the minimization of the pain sensation through the cooled head makes it comfortable to use, the serial injection system allows much faster and more effective epilation processes to be carried out at the same time.

Business Benefits


• Easily meet people's technological desires and needs thanks to its 2 technologies.

• Time saving through fast and practical application.

• User-friendly through ergonomic design and intelligent digital touchscreen.

• With its qualified applicator, it offers an extremely low risk of side effects.

• 4-season epilation possibilities with its new generation technology.

• The admission costs are reasonable.

• Hygienic application option with individually exchangeable silicone heads

• Effective and comfortable application with 610-1200 nm wavelength and 3D photoepilation technology.

• Space and cost savings through 2 different included systems.

• Offers comfortable epilation with a low pain threshold.

• Improves epilation comfort by reducing the risk of skin damage thanks to the developed cold air system and the extra-cooled head.

End User Benefits

With Alex System you will feel the comfort of epilation after the first session. The ideal technology for people with thick bristles Effective epilation options at any time of the year. Fast hair removal, short session intervals. After the procedure, you can continue your daily life without interruption. Painless and comfortable epilation during full body epilation. The benefit of using different technologies for the same area but different types of body hair.


Things to Know When Choosing a Laser Hair Removal Device: Mormed Group Alex Eis Laser Device and Other Options


Laser hair removal has been one of the most popular hair removal methods in recent years. There are many different types of laser devices on the market, which means many options for users. But which is the best laser hair removal device among laser devices?

Alex laser is the choice of many clinics and aesthetic centers claiming to be the best laser hair removal device. The Alex laser device is known for its high quality and effective results. However, Alex laser prices are usually high, which can put a strain on users' budgets.

Laser device prices usually vary depending on the features, brand and model of the device. If you are wondering "How much is a laser machine?", it depends entirely on the device of your choice. Among the variety of laser devices on the market, there are also affordable alternatives.

In conclusion, when choosing the best laser hair removal device, you should consider factors such as the price of the device, its features and the effective results it offers. It is also very important to do a detailed research on laser device prices and laser device types.



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