Alex Plus

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Alex PLUS is a new generation photo-epilation device developed by Mormed Group, which provides strong transmission of energy to hair follicles with divisible (2-4) pulse radiation technology, offers successful results even on dark skin and even fine hair, and at the same time allows much more comfortable epilation applications with its integrated cold air system.

Working Principle

Alex Plus contains the most effective and effective wavelengths in the range of 610-1200 nm required for the hair follicle. Thanks to the integrated cold air system with pulsed radiation technology, it offers an effective and healthy epilation experience, with the risk of skin burns being minimized and the feeling of pain reduced.

Technology Content

Alex System: In this system, which can be applied with pulsed radiation technology, effective and reliable epilation can be performed even on fine hairs and dark skin. In addition, a hygienic treatment is offered with disposable silicone handpiece tips, and extra comfort is provided by reducing the level of pain with the cold air blowing system.

Advantages to the Business

It saves time thanks to its fast and practical application. Thanks to its long-lasting and durable consumables, it minimizes the need for technical service. It offers ease of use with its ergonomic design and Smart digital touch screen. With its qualified user, it provides an extremely low risk of side effects. It provides comfortable epilation with a low pain threshold. The shooting cost is affordable. Possibility of epilation without gel. Hygienic application opportunity with disposable silicone handpiece tips. Effective and comfortable application with 610-1200nm wavelength and 3D photo epilation technology. With the integrated cold air system, it reduces the risk of damaging the skin and increases the comfort of epilation.

Benefits to End User

Provides hygienic epilation withdis posable silicone handpiece tips Painless and comfortable epilation with cold air blowing system. Safe epilation on dark skin without skin damage and stains. High level of comfort during whole body epilation procedures. The ideal technology for those with thick hair. Possibility of effective epilation in all seasons. Fast hair removal, short session intervals. After the procedure, you can continue your daily life without interruption.

Alex Plus Mormed Group Laser Hair Removal: Device Options, Prices and Beauty Centers Directory


Laser hair removal is a very popular method in the world of beauty and care in recent years. Especially professional laser hair removal devices offer effective and permanent results. However, it is important to have enough information about the prices and types of these devices in order to make the right choice.

Among the laser hair removal devices and laser hair removal machine options, the Alex laser machine is quite remarkable. The Alex laser machine is known for its high efficiency and reliability. However, the prices of such high-quality devices can also be quite high. Professional laser hair removal devices prices are usually an investment for clinics and beauty centers and in order to get a return on this investment, the right device must be chosen.

Beauty center laser devices are usually directly proportional to the prices of professional laser hair removal equipment. Choosing a high-quality laser machine can mean more effective results and higher customer satisfaction in the long run.

Laser machine prices vary from brand to brand and model to model. Among hair removal devices, prices usually vary depending on the features, ease of use and effectiveness of the device. For detailed information on laser prices, it is worth contacting beauty centers and clinics.

In conclusion, when comparing laser hair removal devices and laser prices, you should consider many factors. High-quality devices such as the Alex laser machine will offer you lasting and effective results in the long run, even if the initial investment cost is high.


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