Diode Cardinale

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DIODE CARDINALE 808 is a new generation epilation device developed by Mormed Group, which offers the opportunity of epilation by transmitting the energy generated in the device to the handpiece through fibre optics instead of the light generated in the classical diode handpiece.

Working Principle

CARDINALE 808 is the system that allows 808nm light in the device to reach the skin with the help of fiber. While the operating temperature is 25-35 degrees in the old systems, with this technology, working comfort is provided with a higher temperature (40-45 degrees). Since the energy is given equally, the feeling of pain is felt at a minimum level, thus increasing the efficiency of the procedure.

Advantages to the Business

Shooting cost is more economical than other diode handpiece. It saves time thanks to its fast and practical application. Thanks to long-lasting and durable consumables, the need for technical service is less. It offers comfortable session thanks to its advanced cooling system. It provides an effective epilation in all seasons. Ease of use with its ergonomic design, Lightweight handpiece and Smart digital touch screen. With its qualified user, it provides an extremely low risk of side effects.

Advantages of fiber handpiece versus Normal diode handpiece;

With the Ultra Light handpiece (350 gr), it provides the opportunity of epilation without reducing comfort in prolonged procedures. Since its energy value is higher than other diode technologies, hair damage is high. Since the energy is given through the device, the life of the handpiece is longer. Since the energy is given equally, the level of pain is minimized and offers a pleasant and comfortable epilation. Shooting cost is less. The energy reaches the hair root equally

Benefits to End User

Painless and comfortable epilation opportunity. Safe epilation opportunity with qualified user. High level of comfort during whole body epilation procedures. The most ideal technology forthick hair on back. Effective epilation in all seasons without delaying your social life. Fast hair removal, short session intervals.

Laser Hair Removal Devices and Prices: Ice Laser, Diode Cardinale Mormed Group and Aesthetic Devices Comparison


Laser hair removal is one of the most popular modern aesthetic treatments. However, there are many different types of laser hair removal devices on the market. Especially different laser types such as diode ice laser, diode laser and ice diode are highly demanded by users and aesthetic centers.

Laser hair removal device prices can vary greatly depending on the type, brand and features of the device. Diode laser device prices can be high as they usually offer high quality and effective results. Likewise, diode ice laser and ice diode type laser devices can also have high prices as they offer high quality and effective results.

Ice laser devices, on the other hand, are a type of laser preferred especially for sensitive skin. Ice laser creates less pain and burning sensation thanks to its ability to cool the skin during laser epilation. As for the price of ice laser, it may be a little higher priced like other quality laser devices.

Among aesthetic devices, high-tech devices such as diode ice laser and diode laser are among the devices preferred by aesthetic centers for professional results. The high prices of aesthetic devices can be justified by the fact that they can offer more effective and permanent results in the long term.

As a result, when choosing a laser hair removal device, you should consider different options such as diode laser device prices, ice laser price, diode laser and diode ice laser. Prices vary according to the quality, effectiveness and features of the device. Among the aesthetic devices and laser types, you should conduct a thorough research to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.


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