Magic Eis

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Magic Eis is a photo epilation device with a wavelength of 610-1200nm, which can make 10 pulses per second with +SHR technology, and also contains Eis cooling hanpiece and high-level serial pulse syste m. With this technology developed by Mormed Group, it offers an effective epilation in 4 seasons.

Working Principle

Thanks to +SHR technology, Magic EIS can transmit light under the skin in milliseconds with each shot. Thanks to the extra-cooled Eis handpiece, the risk of burning is minimized and the feeling of pain is reduced. It provides an ideal epilation application by increasing its speed and comfort with its serial pulse feature.

Technology Content

+Shr System: With the extra-cooled Eis handpiece, a comfortable application is provided by minimizing the feeling of pain, while at the same time, much faster and more effective epilation processes can be performed with the serial pulse system.

Advantages to the Business

It saves time thanks to its fast and practical application. Thanks to its powerful cooling system, it provides comfortable and continuous session opportunity. Ease of use with its ergonomic design and smart digital touch s creen. With its qualified user it provides an extremely low risk of sid e effects. It provides comfortable epilation with a low pain threshold. 4 seasons epilation opportunity with new generation technology. The shooting cost is affordable With its developed extra-cooled handpiece, it reduces the risk of damaging the skin and increases epilation comfort.

Benefits to End User

Painless and Comfortable Hair Removal Opportunity. High level of comfort during whole body epilation procedures. Effective epilation in all seasons without delaying your social life. Fast hair removal, short session times. After the procedure, you can continue your daily life without i nterruption.

2023 Magic Eis Mormed Group Laser Hair Removal Guide: Devices, Prices and Recommendations


Laser hair removal is recognized as one of the most popular hair removal methods today. However, there can be big differences in price and features between laser hair removal machines and devices. So, how can you choose the most suitable and effective device? Here is your laser hair removal device recommendation and laser device price guide.

First of all, laser machine prices differ according to the type, brand and model of the device. For example, Ipl laser can often be more affordable in terms of price than other laser types. However, Ipl laser is not generally considered the "best laser machine"; it may be more suitable for more specific skin types and colors.

Besides the laser technology, hair removal device prices may also depend on the additional features offered by the device. For example, some devices may offer skin cooling technology or faster scanning capabilities.

Laser hair removal devices are often used by clinics and beauty salons, but there are also models designed for home use. These home models among laser hair removal machines are usually more affordable than professional machines.

Epilation machine prices also vary according to the features, brand and model of the device. However, it should not be forgotten that an affordable device may lead to higher transaction costs in the long run.

In conclusion, when choosing a laser hair removal device, you should consider factors such as price, effectiveness and ease of use. Getting an expert opinion on laser device price and laser hair removal device recommendation can help you find the most suitable and effective solution for you. We recommend that you do a thorough research so that you can make a choice that suits your needs and budget.





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