Red Shine Fein

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REDSHINE FINE Diode is a portable, fast and effective laser epilation device with a wavelength of 808 nm produced by MORMED GROUP. With a wavelength of 808 nm, it reduces the risk of damaging the skin and offers more comfortable epilation.

Working Principle

REDSHINE FINE Diode saves time in the epilation process with its 808nm wavelength technology and per sec 10 pulse technique, and at the same time offers an effective and safe epilation.

Technology Content

The wavelength of 808 nm has moderate melanin specificity. For this reason, it provides safe epilation on dark skin. It is in the most effective and effective wavelength range in hair follicle destruction.

Advantages to the Business

Easy to use with its ergonomic and portable design. Practical use in narrow and large scaled areas with 3 different sizes of replaceable handpieces. With 808 nm wavelength, safer and faster epilation opportunity by reducing the risk of damaging the skin. It saves time thanks to its fast and practical application. Minimum technical service requirement thanks to long-lasting and durable consumables. Ease of use with its ergonomic design and smart digital touch screen. Effective epilation in all seasons with new generation technology. With its qualified user it provides an extremely low risk of side effects. Success-targeted results with effective treatment in all skin types and hair follicles. It provides comfortable epilation with a low pain threshold. The shooting cost isaffordable.

Benefits to End User

Effective and shorter procedures thanks to the suitable sized handpieces for different skin areas. Painless and Comfortable Hair Removal Opportunity. Safe epilation on dark skin without skin damage and stains. High level of comfort during whole body epilation procedures. Possibility of effective epilation in all seasons. Short session times with fast epilation process. The opportunity to continue your social life after the procedure without delay.

2023 Diode and Diode Ice Laser Options: Prices and Recommendations for Mormed Group Red Shine Fein and Beauty Centers


Laser hair removal is one of the most popular services of beauty centers and dermatology clinics. However, there is a great diversity among laser devices. You may encounter different terms such as diode laser prices, ice laser, diode laser machine. Here is the guide we have prepared to eliminate this complexity.

Diode Laser and Prices

Diode lasers are known for their high efficiency and skin-friendly properties. Diode laser prices may vary depending on the brand and model of the device, as well as its technological features. A diode laser machine can be considered a professional investment.

Ice Laser and Ice Head Laser

The ice laser uses technology to cool the skin during hair removal, which makes the procedure less painful. The ice-head laser is a variant of this type of laser and provides the same comfort.

Ice Laser Machine and Prices

Ice laser machines are generally recommended for beauty centers. Ice laser machine prices may vary according to the features and brand of the device.

Diode Laser Machine and Original Diode Ice Laser

Diode laser machine is another form of diode laser and has high quality. The original diode ice laser may have a patented cooling technology, which may increase its price.


Beauty Center Laser Options

Beauty center laser devices are offered in a wide range for aesthetic applications. Professional devices such as diode laser or diode laser machine can be ideal investments for beauty centers.

As a result, diode laser prices, ice laser machine prices and the cost of other laser devices are an important decision point for beauty centers planning to invest. A thorough research is recommended to determine the most suitable one among all these options.



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