Red Shine Hybrid

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REDSHINE HYBRID DIODE is a diode laser epilation device developed by Mormed Group, which brings together the most effective and safest 3 wavelengths (808nm, 755 nm and 1064 nm) for the hair follicle during epilation and allows simultaneous application.

Working Principle

REDSHINE HYBRD technology provides practical and effective epilation by sending 2 (808nm-1064nm) or 3 (755+808+1064nm) different wavelengths to the skin in a single shot in the same light beam and adjusting it according to the hair type. Each of the 3 different laser wavelengths targets a different anatomical structure in the hair structure and different tissue depths.

Technology Content

808 nm Diode: This wavelength has moderate melanin absorption. For this reason, it provides safe epilation on dark skin. 755 nm Alexandrite: This wavelength is the wavelength that gives the hair its color and is most absorbed by melanin. It is very effective on light skin and dark hair. 1064 nm NdYAG: This wavelength is ideal for very dark skin and tanned skin with low melanin absorption. The wavelength of 1064 nm is the wavelength that can penetrate the hair follicle most deeply. This helps to achieve successful results in epilation of deeply located hairs such as the back and pubic area.

Advantages to the Business

Since it gives different wavelengths at the same time in one shot, it helps to remove the difference in the number of sessions between hair types. It saves time thanks to its fast and practical application. Thanks to long-lasting and durable consumables, the need for technical service is less. Thanks to its ultra-cooling system, it provides comfortable and continuous session opportunity. It offers ease of use with its ergonomic design, Lightweight handpiece and Smart digital touch screen. Effective epilation in all seasons with three different wavelength technologies. With its qualified user it provides an extremely low risk of side effects. It minimizes control sessions with its shooting firing technology. It offers a comfortable epilation process with a low pain threshold. The shooting cost is appropriate.

Benefits to End User

Less pain and comfortable epilation. It is almost impossible to cause skin damage and stains on dark skin. High level of comfort during whole body epilation procedures. The most ideal technology for thick hair on back. Effective epilation opportunity in 4 seasons. Fast hair removal, short session times. The opportunity to continue daily life without interruption after the procedure.

Ice Laser and Diode Laser Options for 2023: Mormed Group Red Shine Hybrid Prices, Brands and Certification Guide


Laser hair removal is a constantly evolving field in the beauty and aesthetic industry. If you are thinking of investing in this field, you may be confused when choosing between various devices and brands. Terms such as "diode lasers," "ice laser machine prices," "ice laser device prices" are frequently heard. Here is what you need to know about this subject.

Diode Lasers and Prices

Diode lasers are known for their high efficiency and lasting results. Diode laser prices may vary depending on the device's features, brand and other factors.

Ice Laser Devices and Prices

Ice laser technology is a subcategory of the diode laser and cools the skin during the procedure. Ice laser machine prices and ice laser device prices are usually determined by the additional features offered by the device.

What is a Real Ice Laser?

The real ice laser includes a special cooling mechanism and patented technologies, so its price can also be higher than other laser types.

Laser Hair Removal Certificate Prices

If you are going to enter the laser hair removal business, you need to get a laser hair removal certificate. Laser hair removal certificate prices may vary according to the training institution and duration.

Laser Device Brands

Laser device brands greatly affect the quality and price of the device. Choosing a reliable brand will give you an advantage in the long run.


Diode Laser Device Prices

Diode laser device prices may vary depending on the technological capacity, brand and other extra features of the device.

Diode Laser Price

Diode laser is a different name for diode laser and its prices are usually similar to diode laser prices.

In conclusion, you should consider many factors when choosing a laser hair removal device. Prices, brands, certification requirements and technological features will directly affect the return on your investment in this field.



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