Red Shine +RF

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REDSHINE DIODE+RF is a new generation radio frequency laser hair removal technology developed by Mormed Group, with the aim of heating the skin and hair follicles at the highest level and destroying the hair follicles quickly, thanks to its Diode+RF feature.

Working Principle

Thanks to the RF technology, the temperature is first increased up to 45°, providing more effective hair removal with lower energy for the laser. In this way, more effectiveness can be achieved on lighter colored and finer hairs.

Technology Content

The RED SHINE DIODE+RF Laser Epilator, which has a serial shooting system, has +RF technology in its handpiece, unlike other serial shooting Diode Laser devices. With radio frequency technology, the temperature of the skin is increased during the procedure, resulting in much more successful and faster results in epilation. The 808 nm Diode has medium wavelength melanin specificity. For this reason, it provides safe epilation on dark skin. It is in the effective wavelength range in hair follicle destruction.

Advantages to the Business

It is the most effective method in fine hair structure and light coloured hair. With a wavelength of 808 nm, it reduces the risk of damaging the skin and offers safer and faster epilation. It saves time thanks to its fast and practical application. Minimum technical service requirement thanks to long-lasting and durable consumables. Comfortable and continuous session opportunity thanks to the ultra cooling system. Ease of use with its ergonomic design and smart digital touch screen. Effective epilation in all seasons with new generation technology. Epilation process with an extremely low risk of side effects with a qualified user. It provides comfortable epilation with a low pain threshold. The shooting cost is affordable. High level of hair root destruction compared to other diode technologies. Less handpiece damage with extra heating feature. More successful and effective results with radio frequency technology.

Benefits to End User

More effective epilation thanks to Radio Frequency Technology. Painless and Comfortable Epilation Opportunity. Safe epilation on dark skin. High level of comfort during whole body epilation procedures. Effective epilation in all seasons without delaying your social life. Short session times with fast epilation process. The opportunity to continue daily life without interruption after the procedure.

Investing in Laser Hair Removal in 2023: Mormed Group Red Shine +RF, Best Devices, Prices and FDA Approval


Choosing a laser hair removal device for beauty salons and aesthetic centers is a very important issue. Concepts such as laser hair removal machine prices, which is the best laser hair removal device, FDA approved laser are among the most curious topics in this field. Here are the details:

Laser Hair Removal Machine Prices

If you are planning to invest, you should first do research on laser hair removal machine prices. Prices may vary depending on the features and brand of the device.

What is the Best Laser Hair Removal Device?

While answering this question, you should also look for answers to questions such as which is the best device in laser. FDA-approved laser devices usually offer reliable and effective results.

Laser Machine Prices and Epilation Machine Prices

There are sometimes big differences between laser device prices and hair removal machine prices. In general, laser devices may require a higher investment than hair removal machines.

FDA Approved Laser Devices

FDA approval is a certification that certifies the safety and effectiveness of the device. FDA-approved laser devices may often have higher prices but offer more effective and reliable results in the long run.

Laser Hair Removal Equipment Prices

Prices for laser hair removal devices can also vary depending on the brand, features and FDA approval of the device.


Laser Hair Removal Device For Beauty Salon

The choice of laser hair removal tool for a beauty salon is a critical factor for the salon's prestige and customer satisfaction.

How Much is a Laser Hair Removal Machine?

The question of how much is a laser hair removal machine is in the first place for those who will invest. Prices start from 10,000 dollars and can exceed 100,000 dollars depending on the features and brand.

As a result, when choosing a laser hair removal device, you should consider many different factors. Factors such as prices, the best device selection, FDA approval will directly affect the return and impact of your investment in this field.



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