Big Fit

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BIG FIT is a non-invasive new generation (Face and Body) device developed and produced by Mormed Group, which targets problematic points that diet and exercise cannot reach by applying ultrasonic sound waves in low and high mode.

Big Fit Working Principle

The adipose tissue is divided into small particles that can be easily evacuated (discarded). It allows the operator to achieve a constant power with a reduced thermal effect (1-3 MHz and 40 kHz) Therapy (High Frequency Pressure Waves). Thanks to Pressure Waves that activate excess fat deposits, BIG FIT Total Frequency stimulates cellular metabolism by creating an increase in tissue temperature.

Big Fit Before and After Treatment

In order for your applications to be more effective, you should drink plenty of water before and after the application. After treatment, it is recommended to do a lymphatic massage or take a thermal application treatment to maximize results. Practice Time - Practices are 30 minute sessions. You can see the results after one session. However, it is recommended as a series of 6-12 sessions.

Advantages that distinguish Big Fit from other peer technologies

It reaches the deepest fat cells with 3 different frequency ranges (40KHZ, 1MHZ and 3MHZ). Thanks to this feature, it provides the opportunity to appeal to 100% of your customer base.

What are the targeted results with the Big Fit application?

Compatible weight loss Reduction in localized fat deposits Reducing cellulite Oxygenation of tissues

Things to Know When Opening a Beauty Salon: Mormed Group Big Fit Slimming Devices, Certificates and Other Materials


If you are thinking of investing in the beauty industry, you should keep in mind that there are many different stages of this process. In addition to equipment such as slimming device prices, beauty center supplies, regional fat burning tools and muscle machines, the certificates and conditions required to open a beauty salon are also very important.

Slimming Device Prices and Regional Fat Burning Tools

Sculptor slimming device prices and regional slimming device prices may vary depending on the features, brand and effectiveness of the device. The prices of products such as fat breaking devices and muscle machines may also vary depending on these criteria.

Beauty Center Supplies and Consumables

Apart from slimming devices, beauty center supplies and beauty center consumables will also be part of your investment. The basic consumables can be in a wide range such as sterilization products, disposable products, and skin care products.

Certificates and Requirements for Opening a Beauty Salon

The certificates required to open a beauty salon usually depend on local and national regulations. Documents such as laser hair removal certificate, skin care certificate are usually required. It is also an important requirement that your salon complies with health and safety standards.


Muscle Machine and Fat Crusher

Equipment such as muscle machines and fat crushers are other important investment tools that your salon should have, especially if you are targeting an audience interested in sports and fitness.

In conclusion, if you are planning to open a beauty salon or aesthetic center, the aforementioned equipment and certifications are must-haves. Considering all these factors when planning your investment is critical to the success of your business.



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