Mormed Group Beauty Salon and Center Equipment: Guide to Regional Slimming Devices and Body Firming Devices


Beauty salon devices and beauty center machines are equipped with the latest technologies that combine aesthetics and health. Especially when it comes to slimming and body firming, the most effective slimming devices and body firming devices offer a variety of options. So, which devices should you choose? Here is your guide:

Cold Lipolysis Device
This device performs regional fat melting by freezing fat cells. This very popular method is generally effective in areas such as the abdomen, waist and legs.

Regional Fat Melting Machine
It breaks down fat cells using ultrasonic waves or radio frequency technologies. This machine is often preferred as an alternative that is not as invasive as a cold lipolysis device.

Slimming Machines and Slimming Device
This category usually includes technologies such as vacuum rollers and electrostimulation. Also known as slimming devices, these machines shape the body by breaking down fat cells.

Body Firming Devices
These devices increase the production of elastin and collagen, resulting in skin tightening. Suitable for different parts of the body such as the face, neck, arms and legs.

Regional Slimming Machine

These types of machines aim to burn fat and tighten by focusing on a specific area. For example, they offer special programs for areas such as the abdomen or legs.

When choosing between beauty salon machines and beauty center machines, you should consider the type of treatment you need, the effectiveness of the machines and of course your budget. You can choose the most effective slimming devices, regional fat melting machine, cold lipolysis device, slimming device, regional slimming machine and body tightening devices.



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