Big Mag

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It is a new generation body shaping and muscle building device developed and produced by MORMED GROUP using HI-EMT/HIFEM technology. Big mag technology is a new non-invasive body shaping application that targets muscle as opposed to fat only. On average, fat makes up 25% of total body weight. However, muscle makes up an even larger portion of the human body. Muscle rate is 42% in men and 36% in women.


HI-EMT (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) is High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy. Also called magnetic muscle stimulation


Physical exercise is the only way to strengthen core muscle groups. HIFEM technology can induce almost 50,000 pulses in a single 30-minute session. That’s over 10,000 abdominal crunches These impulses stimulate nerves leading to supramaximal muscle contractions (100% muscle contraction) that cannot be achieved with exercise. The muscles are forced to adapt to the resulting muscle thickening. Muscles become stronger, more durable and increase in size.

Advantages to the Business

It saves time thanks to its fast and practical application. Thanks to its long-lasting and durable consumables, it minimizes the need for technical service. It offers ease of use with its ergonomic design and Smart digital touch screen. With its qualified user, it provides an extremely low risk of side effects. It provides comfortable epilation with a low pain threshold. The shooting cost is affordable. Possibility of epilation without gel. Hygienic application opportunity with disposable silicone handpiece tips. Effective and comfortable application with 610-1200nm wavelength and 3D photo epilation technology. With the integrated cold air system, it reduces the risk of damaging the skin and increases the comfort of epilation.


1- The penetration depth is 8 cm, which covers the entire nerve network and enables the contraction of the entire muscle layer.

2- Fat apoptosis and the effect of GG: The muscle exercise he does can never be achieved with physical exercise.

3-US studies have shown that the effect it gives is the best.

4-Treatment experience and result are good.

BIG MAG Advantages;

1- Simultaneous fat burning with growing and strengthening muscles

2- Non-invasive application

3- No feeling of pain

4- No healing process

5- No consumable costs

6- It can be applied to different parts of the body. (Abdominal, hip, leg, arm, shoulder, back)

7- Save time with a short session of 30 minutes

8- Operation that does not require physical power

Curiosities; BIG MAG RESULTS

The visual effects of HI-EMT/HIFEM therapy are well maintained with a good diet and steady weight. Studies of clients taking HIFEM therapy training have shown that the muscle retains increased size and strength even after one year. This is the opposite of EMS, where the effects are temporary.

Target muscles with BIG MAG

Abdominal muscles gluteal muscles of the hip Thigh and shoulder muscles Conclusion :HIEMT/HIFEM is very good at strengthening the muscle core. Studies have also shown increased abdominal muscle growth in clients after a full course of treatment. The overall satisfaction levels are very high for the treatment of all muscle groups, especially in the hip area. There are no restrictions associated with the BIGMAG procedure and patients can continue with all their normal daily activities


Research on high-intensity muscle training has shown that a fat-destroying (lipolytic) reaction takes place in the fat lying next to the contracting muscle. HIFEM treatment has been found to simultaneously affect subcutaneous fat and muscle by increasing fat metabolism in a similar way. Scans of clients following HIFEM treatment found reductions in fat and increases in muscle size. These changes in fat reduction are long-lasting as long as the client maintains their weight with good diet and regular exercise. Studies have shown a reduction in fat and an increase in muscle around the abdomen.

Does It Make Sense to Open a Beauty Center? Devices You Can Use and Cost Analysis Mormed Group Big Mag


The beauty industry continues to grow and be open to innovations every day. But does it make sense to open a beauty center? The answer to this question may vary depending on your target audience and the services you offer. Here are the basic machines and equipment you should consider on this path:

Regional Slimming Devices and Machines

Choosing the best slimming machines and the best slimming machines are important factors to consider if you are going to offer weight loss and body shaping services in your center. Equipment such as zone slimming machines, belly melting machines and fat burning machines are essential to address the specific needs of your clients.

Abdominal and Weight Loss Machines

Equipment such as an ab machine and weight loss machine are other important devices you can invest in to support fitness and weight loss programs.

Beauty Machines and Necessary Materials

Various beauty machines for skin care, hair care and aesthetic applications and the materials required to open a beauty center should also not be forgotten. Choosing high-quality devices, especially for skin care and anti-aging treatments, will increase customer satisfaction.

Cost Analysis and Investment

Cost analysis for such equipment is an important part of your business plan when opening a beauty center. A careful balance must be struck between quality of service, investment cost and operating expenses.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of opening a beauty center, you should plan to make a well-rounded investment and offer different services to your customers. Keeping your range of services wide with different devices and equipment can make your business successful in the long run.


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