Big Shaper

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Big Shaper is a new generation regional slimming device that aims to eliminate the appearance of Cellulite or Orange-peel with its 4 different technologies such as Infrared energy, Vacuum, Radio frequency and Mechanical massage system. It is the ideal choice for shaping, smoothing or toning the body.

Working Principle

Infrared energy heats the skin surface and activates the skin’s self-renewing mechanism after the heat reaches a depth of 3 mm. Mechanical Massage and Vacuum Technology helps to reduce the bond between the tightened tissues that create the appearance of Cellulite by activating the subcutaneous tissues. Mechanical Massage process, on the other hand, increases the effectiveness of vacuum technology.

Technology Content

Infrared energy and vacuum nozzle support the production of collagen by heating the subcutaneous tissue and help thinning by moving the fat layer with vacuum. Big handpiece It helps tightening and slimming by eliminating the appearance of cellulite thanks to its vacuum and mechanical rollers in the leg hip and abdomen area. Small handpiece It helps recovery and tightening thanks to its vacuum and mechanical cylinders in the arm areas. Face handpieceIt helps tightening and recovery of the skin by removing wrinkles with its anti-aging effect.

Advantages to the Business

It offers a combined body care service without taking up much space on one platform. A painless procedure. It offers ease of use with its ergonomic design, Lightweight handpieces and Smart digital touch screen. With a qualified user it has very few side effects. It saves time with effective processing in a short time. It can be applied to both men and women.

Benefits to End User

Painless and comfortable application. Possibility to continue daily life after the procedure without interruption. Possibility of effective application in all seasons. Eliminates time spent in gyms. With the effect of massage, it provides rest in the body and relieves fatigue.

Equipment to Consider When Opening a Beauty Center Mormed Group Big Shaper and Costs


If you are thinking of opening a beauty center, you will need to consider not only the cost of running the business, but also the cost of many different devices and equipment. The prices of beauty center machines may vary depending on the functionality and brand of the devices. So, what should you pay attention to in this regard?

Regional Slimming Devices and Machines

Regional slimming devices and regional slimming machines can be very effective, especially in aesthetics and body shaping. Devices such as belly melting device, abdominal muscle device and abdominal fat melting machine should be available in your center if you provide regional slimming and shaping services.

High Frequency and Radio Frequency Devices

If you offer skin care and facial rejuvenation services, you can improve your service quality with technological equipment such as high frequency devices and radio frequency devices.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Beauty Center?

The answer to the question of how much it costs to open a beauty center is quite variable. In addition to equipment such as abdominal machine, high frequency device, regional slimming machines, space, personnel and operating expenses should also be taken into account.

Abdominal Machine and Other Equipment

If you plan to offer services in sports and fitness, equipment such as abdominal machines should be added to the investment list. Such equipment will allow you to offer a wider range of services to your customers.

As a result, when opening a beauty center, it is worth investing not only in aesthetics and beauty, but also in health and fitness-related devices and equipment. All these factors are critical to the success of your business.


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