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Bindex is a body analysis device that has body composition analysis functions, tests the impedance and composition of the elements in all parts of the human body, and provides scientific data on weight control, diet, slimming, muscle development and nutritional balance.

Working Principle

It applies high-frequency bioelectrical impedance test principle with the 8-point system touching the electrode method, thus helping to prepare an accurate and personalised treatment by making measurements such as weight, protein, fat, water, waist-hip ratio.

Technology Content

• WHR (Waist to Hip Ratio)  • Body Fat Analysis 

• Bone Weight  •  Diagnosis of Obesity 

• Basic Metabolism   • Lean Weight Indicator 

• Nutritional Evaluation  • Weight Assessment 

• TVS (Percentage of Body Fluid)   • PBF Percentage of Body Fat 

• Mineral Salt   • Muscle Analysis 

• Bioelectrical Impedance   • Body mass index 

• Target Weight Calculation  • Protein Analysis

Advantages to the Business

With the Body Analysis Report, the right treatments are provided. The ideal treatment recommendation for individual values. Increasing the efficiency of the treatment applied by body values analysis. The advantage of working for the body’s needs with the appropriate treatment determination for the pre-procedure

Benefits to End User

Obtaining accurate information about the body. Gaining motivation with the effect of the treatment. Correct weight loss. As a result of the analysis, the feeling of trust in the name of the right treatment.

I want to open a Beauty Center or Salon: Mormed Group Bindex Necessary Materials, Devices and Planning


If you want to open a beauty center or a beauty salon, your first step should be to create a detailed business plan. In this plan, you should consider many factors, especially the beauty salon materials you will use and the devices required for the beauty center.

Beauty Salon Supplies and Devices Required for Beauty Center

The list of beauty salon supplies may vary depending on the services you offer. For example, devices such as body analyzers and body fat percentage meters allow you to offer a more personalized service to your customers. You can also offer regional slimming and body shaping services with special devices such as Slim device and sculptor machine.

I Want to Open a Beauty Center: Business Plan and Cost

If you say "I want to open a beauty center", deciding which services you will offer in your business plan is an important step. This decision will also determine the equipment and materials you will invest in. For example, the slim device and the sculpting machine may be high-cost devices, but the return will be quite high.


Once you have identified the necessary devices and materials, you should create a business plan and act accordingly. Striking a balance between investment costs, operating expenses and expected revenue is critical to the success of your business.


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