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Hobraz is a regional slimming device developed by Mormed Group by using RF technology in 3 different handpieces. RF Energy helps to produce collagen by acting under the skin. In this way, the skin tissue is reshaped and helps thinning and tightening by affecting the fat layer.

Working Principle

While RF energy helps to increase fat burning and collagen production, it also accelerates blood circulation, giving lost elasticity to the skin and tightening it. In radio frequency applications, the water molecules in the cells are activated and they reach the fat cells with high water level and help dissolve the adipose tissue.

Technology Content

Lifting Handpiece; It helps to reduce wrinkles and sagging in the neck, chin, cheek and forehead. Tripolar Handpiece It penetrates deeper into the skin, affects the fat layer and helps thinning. Multipolar Handpiece; It contributes to tightening by helping to melt the fat in the body and accelerate the production of collagen.

Benefits to the Business

Non-invasive application possibility. It offers a painless and comfortable procedure. The person returns to his daily routine life quickly. Wide application area with one device. It offers ease of use with its ergonomic design, Lightweight handpiece and Smart digital touch screen. It minimizes the possibility of complications with a qualified user

Benefits to End User

Possibility to continue daily life after the procedure without interruption. It provides high comfort with the possibility of painless operation. The desired form is achieved in a short time without the need for a surgical procedure. Short session times with fast processing.

Costs of Opening a Beauty Salon and Necessary Equipment: A Detailed Guide to Mormed Group Hobraz


If you are thinking of opening a beauty center, it is very important to know the cost and requirements of this process in advance. First of all, when we say the cost of opening a beauty salon or beauty center, you will need to consider many different items.

Equipment and Products

Certain devices and equipment are required for this work. For example, high-tech devices such as radio frequency devices or radiofrequency devices may be necessary for face and body tightening procedures. In addition, details such as which is the best face tightening device, regional slimming device and slimming machine prices should also be included in your business plan.

Beauty Salon Products and Furnishings

In this sector, not only devices but also beauty salon products and beauty center furnishings are of great importance. Especially quality products and comfortable items increase customer satisfaction.

What is Required to Open a Beauty Center?

The clearest answer to the question of what it takes to open a beauty center is a detailed business plan. In this business plan, financial calculations such as investment costs, operating expenses, and return periods should be made. In addition, your target customer base, the services you offer and the devices and products you will need to offer these services should also be determined in detail.



The cost of opening a beauty salon will vary depending on the equipment, devices and products you choose. You should also create and stick to your business plan, taking into account investment costs and operating expenses.



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