Hobraz Plus

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Hobraz Plus, which is a unique combination of RF energy and Vacuum system technologies, is a new generation regional slimming device that aims to reduce interial fat and smooth the skin.

Working Principle

RF energy aims to reduce interial fat and accelerates blood circulation with vacuum system technology. In this way, it helps the skin to regain lost elasticity by reducing the appearance of cellulite and orange peel, smoothing the skin.

Technology Content

Hobraz Plus is a technology developed by combining RF energy and Vacuum system, aiming to enable the highest level of operation efficiency.

Advantages to the Business

Non-invasive application possibility. It offers a painless and comfortable procedure. The person returns to his daily routine life quickly. Wide application area with one device. It offers ease of use with its ergonomic design, Lightweight handpiece and Smart digital touch screen. With a qualified user the possibility of complications is minimized.

Benefits to End User

Possibility to continue daily life after the procedure without interruption. It provides high comfort with the possibility of painless operation. The opportunity to reach the desired form in a short time without the need for a surgical procedure. It can provide 2-10 cm slimming from the first session. Short session times with fast processing.

What You Need to Know When Opening a Beauty Center: Mormed Group Hobraz Plus Devices, Costs and Required Documents


If you are planning to open a beauty center, you need to do preliminary research on many issues from machines to documents, from costs to necessary equipment.

Beauty Salon Machines and Devices

Choosing beauty salon machines and slimming devices will directly affect the quality of your business. You should conduct a detailed research for specific equipment such as liposuction device prices or vacuum slimming device, and plan the investments required to keep the service you will offer to your customers at the highest standards. Aesthetic devices such as facelift devices and face lifting devices can also expand the scope of your salon's services. Regional slimming device is also among the popular and demanded equipment.

Radiofrequency Device and Price

Radiofrequency device price can be in a wide range. These devices are frequently used for procedures such as skin tightening and facial rejuvenation. By adjusting the price and performance balance well, you should evaluate the most suitable options for your budget.

Beauty Supplies

Beauty supplies are essential for a beauty center. Different materials may be required for each type of service. The quality of these materials directly affects customer satisfaction.


Documents Required to Open a Beauty Center

When opening a beauty center, you should also be sensitive about the necessary documents and permits. Documents such as permits from the Chamber of Commerce, health reports and business license should be ready before you start your business.


The beauty center business, which requires careful planning and preparation in every aspect, can be quite lucrative when attention is paid to details. From the selection of equipment and materials to the necessary documents, you can establish your business by considering every detail and offer the best service to your customers.



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