Magic Sound

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Magic Sound is a regional slimming device that aims to directly interfere with stubborn regional fats such as the Abdomen, Hips, Legs, Arms, Waist and Back by using ultrasonic sound waves, and provides thinning by creating the effect of fragmentation in the fat cells with ultrasonic sound waves.

Working Principle

Ultrasonic sound waves are sent to the adipose tissue with a conductive gel, helping to break it down, while at the same time reducing the broken down fat cells and allowing the body to thin and tighten, it helps to eliminate the appearance of cellulite to a large extent.

Technology Content

M1 (LARGE) 1.1 MHz Head; It thins and reduces the fat in unwanted areas. M2 (SMALL) 40 KHz Head It provides tightening without damaging the adipose tissue in thinning and sagging areas.

Advantages to the Business

Thanks to the wavelength used, there is no risk of side effects as other tissues are not damaged during the application. It can be applied to both men and women. From the 15th day, it provides a visible satisfactory result and positively affects the reactions. It provides permanent results when supported with sports and diet. Time saving opportunity with short application time. It offers ease of use with its ergonomic design, Lightweight handpiece and Smart digital touch screen.

Benefits to End User

Painless and comfortable application. Possibility to continue daily life after the procedure without interruption. Ease of reaching the desired form in a short time without the need for a surgical procedure. 2-10 cm thinning from the first session. It provides a permanent solution when supported with sports and diet.

2023 Cost of Opening a Beauty Center and Necessary Equipment Mormed Group Magic Sound


As of 2023, you should make a detailed planning to open a beauty center. One of the most critical elements of this process is to determine how much your budget will be.

Beauty Center Cost and Cost to Open

In the first step, you should calculate the total cost of the beauty center. The cost of opening a beauty center in 2023 may vary depending on certain factors. Equipment selection, rental space cost and operating expenses constitute these costs.

Documents for Opening a Beauty Salon

To facilitate the legal process and avoid any problems, you should collect all the necessary documents to open a beauty salon. Documents such as license, tax plate and workplace opening permit are a must at the beginning.

Beauty Salon Equipment and Supplies

Choosing the appropriate equipment and supplies is critical for a successful business. Beauty salon equipment includes products such as skin care tool, tightening machine and fat melting machine. Also, beauty salon supplies prices can be higher for high quality products.

How to Open a Beauty Salon

Preparing a detailed business plan on how this process works will save you from many problems and time loss. With a good planning and budget analysis, you can more easily find the answer to the question of how to open a beauty salon.



In 2023, if you are thinking of opening a beauty center, you should consider legal processes, equipment costs and operating expenses. Although it requires a high initial investment, with the right planning and equipment selection, you can build a successful business in the long run.



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