Royal Lift

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Royal Lift is a new generation skin care device developed by Mormed Group, which aims to solve problems such as sagging and loss of elasticity, allows painless and non-invasive application on the breast and butt, and incorporates Vacuum, Led therapy and Electro therapy (Ems) technologies.

Working Principle

Royal Lift; With the vacuum application method, it provides an effective absorption in the breast, expands blood vessels and accelerates blood circulation. In this way, it increases the body’s breast hormone secretion rate and helps to add fullness and flexibility to the breast. It strengthens the chest muscles with the Electro therapy (EMS) system in problems such as sagging and loosening, and helps tightening and plumping the skin by preventing adipose tissue with Ems. While providing a more lively and fuller appearance, it also relaxes with Led Therapy. In addition, for small breasts, it applies a negative pressure and makes it more prominent with the 3-dimensional pulling force technique.

Technology Content

Royal lift is a skin care technology that targets processes such as Lifting, Plumping, Tightening and Augmentation by using powerful Vacuum, Led Therapy and Electrotherapy technologies with the heads in its content and different setting options. Lifting System: It helps to remove deformations such as sagging, loosening and excessive softness in the breasts. Vacuum technology gently and effectively pulls and stretches the breast tissue so that the stretched cells add elasticity and vitality to the breast tissue. Plumping and Tightening System: It provides a fresh and fuller appearance by tightening the breasts that have lost their old appearance due to many reasons such as aging, frequent weight gain and loss, birth, breastfeeding, improper bra use. Augmentation System: With the scientifically proven vacuum technique for uneven, small and flat breasts, it enlarges the breast volume with fast and effective results

Advantages to the Business

Successful results and high customer satisfaction with effective and powerful vacuum system. You can achieve high customer satisfaction for breast-related dissatisfactions, which are sensitive and important for women. More sensitive operation with the suction power that can be adjusted gradually. Suitable for all breast structures with six different sized vacuum cups It offers the opportunity to process without scar tissue, stretch marks and chestdeformities. More efficient sessions thanks to the increased effect with Mio lifting pads. Ergonomic and portable design advantage. High efficiency with low cost. By adding this superior technology, which is not available in every business, to your portfolio, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Benefits to End User

It contributes to the quality of life by eliminating dissatisfaction with the breastIt is effective in buttock lift. It saves time with its fast application feature and effective process results. A comfortable and painless application opportunity. The opportunity to continue the daily flow of your life after the procedure. It gives self-confidence with an aesthetic appearance it provides. Visible effect after the first session.

Opening a Beauty Center: Cost, Conditions and Devices Used Mormed Group Royal Lift


Opening a beauty center can be a complex process. You have to consider many factors, from which equipment to choose, how much it will cost and legal requirements.

Terms and Documentation for Opening a Beauty Salon

The first step is to take care of the legal regulations and documentation. You must be able to meet certain criteria to get a certificate to open a beauty salon. To provide a good service, you must set up a setup that complies with all the requirements for opening a beauty salon.

How to Open a Beauty Center: Cost

If you are asking how much it costs to open a beauty center, the answer is complex. Many factors such as location, types of services and the devices you will use affect the total cost.

Beauty Salon Setup and Equipment

The choice of equipment is one of the most critical factors in a beauty center. For example, popular equipment such as sculpting devices and regional slimming devices may increase the cost but are important for customer satisfaction. There are also devices that will specifically offer weight loss and body contouring services, such as fat burning devices and slimming machines.

What is needed to open a beauty center

As mentioned above, proper documentation, sufficient capital and a good range of devices are the basic requirements for opening a successful beauty center.


For those considering opening a beauty salon or center, many factors such as legal regulations, cost and device selection are of great importance. A good business plan and strategy can make this complex process more manageable.


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