Aqua Peeling

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Aqua Peeling

The H2O Aqua Peeling Device is a full-function skin care device, each of which is equipped with different technology handpieces (Aqua Peeling, Ultrasonic Peeling, Radiofrequency, Spray, Smooth, Ultrasound Therapy) aiming at skin care and skin cleansing in general.

Working Principle

H2O Aqua Peeling, with its many different handpieces, allows procedures such as pore cleansing, removal of blackheads, tightening of pores, strengthening of skin texture and structure, equalization of skin tone and removal of fine wrinkles for an effective and reliable skin care.

Technology Content

Aqua Peeling; Aqua Peeling; It is a new generation care application that cleans your skin deeply and removes dead skin cells and blackheads, while providing the moisture your skin needs. The application contains an anti-aging effect that makes the skin shine brightly after a refreshing care. Ultrasonic Peeling; It is an effective skin peeling method that ensures the removal of dead cells from the skin by means of a series of sound waves. The resulting sound waves allow the skin to get rid of, toxins and cosmetic residues in the deepest part of the pores. Radiofrequency; It helps to tighten the lower layer of the skin by heating it, to tighten the fine wrinkles and jowls to reduce crow’s feet and nasolabial lines, to increase collagen production and to have a tighter skin. Spray; Thanks to the tube in its handpiece, it ensures that the products such as tonic, serum, and vitamins that we use for skin care are distributed evenly on the skin in a pressurized way. Smooth Therapy; Thanks to its powerful cooling engine, it is used to relieve the redness of the skin at the end of all applications and to relieve the skin inflammation by relaxing the skin. ultrasound; It is used to transmit the serums and vitamins that our skin needs to the lower layer of the skin with ultrasonic sound waves.

Advantages to the Business

It increases the variety of procedures in your skin care department with its purchase cost. It provides savings with the opportunity to perform many different operations on a single device. Ergonomic and portable design advantage. Easy to use thanks to small and light handpieces.

Benefits to End User

The opportunity... to continue daily life on the day of the procedure. Life-enhancing with its skin tightening feature. It offers a quality and effective cleaning service. Spotless, clean, lively, care and beauty, skin applications with functional use.

Machines Mormed Group Aqua Peeling and Devices for Skin Care: Prices and Functions


Skin care has an important place in everyone's daily life. Especially in beauty centers and clinics, various machines and devices are used for professional skin care. If you are planning to open a beauty center, it will be useful to know which devices are important in this regard.

Skin Care Devices and Prices

There are various devices available for skin care and their prices often vary according to their functionality, brands and models. For example, skin care machine prices may differ depending on the features offered by the device.

Aquapeel Device

The Aquapeel device is used to deeply cleanse the skin. It removes dead cells, oil and dirt from the skin. So it basically functions as a skin cleansing machine.

Facial Care and Rejuvenation Machine

Facial care machines and facial rejuvenation devices make the skin look younger and more vibrant. These devices usually use technologies such as laser, light treatments or ultrasound.

Skin Care Vacuum Device

The skin care vacuum device provides a more effective cleansing and care by opening the pores in the skin. The vacuum draws dirt and oil from the skin, so that the skin has a healthier appearance.


If you plan to open a beauty center, the devices mentioned above will be very important. Devices such as skin care devices, facial care machine, aquapeel device and skin cleansing machine are indispensable for a professional service. However, you should keep in mind that the quality of the devices.


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