Mormed Group 2023 Beauty Salon and Center Management: Skin Care Devices, Costs and Regulations



If you are planning to run a business in the beauty industry, you need to consider various factors. The cost of opening a beauty center, the skin care devices, facial care devices and other beauty supplies you choose can significantly affect this cost. It is also important to comply with current legislation such as the beauty salon regulation 2023. Here are the details:

Necessary Materials for Beauty Center
Necessary materials include skin care devices, facial care devices and various beauty supplies. In addition to basic devices and materials, different devices may be required for special care and applications.

Skin Care Devices Prices
Skin care device prices may vary depending on the model, brand and functionality. Quality skin care devices allow you to perform skin care procedures more effectively.

Beauty Center Device Prices
In general, the cost of opening a beauty center depends on the prices of the devices and equipment to be selected. Prices of skin care devices and other equipment costs should be taken into account.

Beauty Salon Regulation 2023
The 2023 beauty salon regulation, which will enter into force in 2023, introduces various rules and standards that businesses must comply with. Complying with this regulation is important for the sustainability of the business.

Skin Care Devices and Facial Care Devices


These devices are indispensable for skin care and facial treatments. A variety of skin care and facial devices are available for deep cleansing, moisturizing and anti-aging treatments.

The cost of opening a beauty center includes many factors such as the devices to be selected, the materials required and compliance with regulations. Considering these factors, a business plan should be created and appropriate investment should be made.





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