Eco Hifu

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Eco HIFU; It is a skin care device that can perform non-surgical face and skin lift applications with focused ultrasound technology and special heads for each region. It is an ideal choice for people who aim to rejuvenate their skin, look younger and reduce the effects of aging on the skin, who do not feel ready for face lift surgery, but are non-invasive and looking for a solution to such requests.

Working Principle

With the technology it contains, Eco HIFU focuses the heat energy with ultrasound waves on the subcutaneous tissue to the area to be treated, and directly stimulates and renews the lower layer of the skin. As a result, it improves skin texture, reduces sagging of the skin, and offers a younger and rested skin appearance. It provides skin tension by increasing collagen synthesis with Eco HIFU. In this way, natural face and skin lifting is provided without recovery time.

Technology Content

Eco HIFU has a new generation ultrasound technology with 5 different heads with a frequency range of 4 Mhz - 7 Mhz suitable for every region. Each cartridge of the Eco Hifu machine reaches more than 10000 beats. 1.5 mm head – Eye Contour and Forehead 3.0 mm head – Cheek and Jowl 4.5 mm head - Cheek and Jowl 8.0mm head – Arm, Belly and Leg 13mm head - Arm, Belly and Leg

Technology Content

High efficiency with low cost. Ergonomic and portable design advantage. Wide application opportunity with changeable heads. Easy and practical use thanks to its small and light handpiece

Benefits to End User

Skin tightening without any surgical intervention (non-invasive). Possibility to continue daily life after the procedure. It improves the quality of life with its skin tightening feature.

Mormed Eco HIFU Technology and What You Need to Know When Opening a Beauty Center


If you are thinking of opening a beauty center, it is very important to do a good research on the technologies you will invest in. HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) devices, which have recently increased in popularity, may be among the options you should consider in this regard.

HIFU Devices and Prices
The HIFU device targets subcutaneous tissues using high-intensity focused ultrasound energy. HIFU device prices may vary according to their features and functions. There are also more advanced versions available, such as the 7D HIFU device. If you are considering buying a HIFU device, you should also examine the models that are considered the 'best HIFU device' in the market.

Mini HIFU and Other Options
If you are planning to start on a smaller scale and perhaps more cost-effectively, mini HIFU devices can also be an alternative.

Reviews of Beauty Center Openers
Before making a technological investment, 'reviews of those who opened a beauty center' can also be very useful. In this way, you can have an idea about issues such as return on investment, effectiveness of devices and customer satisfaction.



When opening a beauty center, it is important for the success of your business to conduct a thorough research on HIFU devices and other equipment. Different HIFU device models and prices will help you determine the best options for your business model. When buying a HIFU device, it is especially useful to consider after-services such as warranty and service network.

In this way, you can both meet the needs of your customers in the best way possible and manage your business in the most effective way.



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