Fokus 4D

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HD Focus 4D is a skin care device that can perform skin tightening with ultrasound waves that reach the subcutaneous tissue without any surgical procedure, with its advanced ultrasound technology and different handpieces for each region. HD Focus 4D offers the advantages of face and skin lift technique, which is a popular skin care method, with a comfortable and effective experience without the need for any surgical procedure (non-invasive).

Working Principle

With HD Focus 4D New Generation technology, it reaches the subcutaneous tissue and focuses the heat energy directly on the applied area with the ultrasound system. In this way, it stimulates the lower layer of the skin to renew it. As a result, it improves skin texture, reduces sagging of the skin, and offers a smooth and aesthetic appearance.

Technology Content

Eco HIFU has a new generation ultrasound technology with 5 different heads with a frequency range of 4 Mhz - 7 Mhz suitable for every region. Each cartridge of the Eco Hifu machine reaches more than 10000 beats. 1.5 mm head – Eye Contour and Forehead 3.0 mm head – Cheek and Jowl 4.5 mm head - Cheek and Jowl 8.0mm head – Arm, Belly and Leg 13mm head - Arm, Belly and Leg

Advantages to the Business

It provides high efficiency with low cost. Ergonomic and portable design advantage. It offers the opportunity to apply to a wide area with its changeable heads. Easy to use thanks to its small and light handpiece. It creates a lifting effect even in a single application.

Benefits to End User

Skin tightening without any surgical intervention (non-invasive). Possibility to continue with daily life after the procedure. Fat and Cellulite removal opportunity with fast and comfortable operation

Skin Care Devices Mormed Group HD Focus 4D and Costs When Opening a Beauty Center: Your Guide


If you are planning to open a beauty center or salon, the first thing you need to do is to choose the right equipment and products. Equipment such as skin care devices and skin care machines will form the basis of your business. However, you need to consider a few important issues when choosing these devices.

Skin Care Devices and Titles
When choosing a skin care device, pay attention to whether it has nozzles suitable for different treatments. For example, facial care devices can often have different nozzles, so they can offer solutions for more specific skin problems.

Medical Skin Care Device
If you plan to perform medical aesthetic applications in your center, you will also need more specialized equipment such as a medical skin care device.

Beauty Center Products
Apart from skin care devices, beauty center products are also very important. Cleansers, lotions and other care products will improve the quality of your services.

Cost and Documentation
The question of how much it costs to open a beauty salon may vary depending on the choice of equipment and products. When creating a general budget, you should also take into account the costs of this equipment. It is also important not to forget the 'certificate of opening a beauty center' required to formalize your business.



Equipment such as skin care machines, skin care devices and facials are important investments when opening a beauty center. However, the quality of equipment and products will directly affect the quality of your business. When choosing equipment, you should consider not only prices, but also functionality, warranty conditions and customer reviews.


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