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Hydroxy Peel is a new generation skin care device that uses 10 in one aqua peeling and ultra jet peeling technologies, helping you to reach a brighter and more beautiful skin comfortably. Hydroxy Peel method is a non-invasive system that combines skin cleansing, moisturizing and care processes.

Working Principle

Hydroxypeel holistic skin care helps to get rid of large or clogged pores, blackheads, uneven skin tone, sebum (oil) imbalance, skin dryness and loss of skin elasticity

Technology Content

Hydroxy Peel generally used for skin care with its all equipment is a multifunctional skin care technology.

Advantages to the Business

High efficiency with low cost. Ergonomic design advantage. Effective practices with applicable handpiece for each region. Possibility of saving with the opportunity to perform many different operations on a single device. Easy to use thanks to small and light handpieces.

Benefits to End User

Possibility to continue with daily life after the procedure. Skin care with fast and comfortable operation. It offers quality and effective skin cleansing. Skin care applications that offer a spotless, clean, lively, smooth and bright effect with functional use.

Mormed Group Hydroxypeel Device: An Innovative Approach to Skin Care


Hydrafacial, one of the most popular trends in skin care in recent years, is offered to customers in many beauty centers. However, here are some tips and details on what you should pay attention to when investing in this technology:

Hydrafacial Devices and Types
Hydrafacial devices are available in the market with different models and price options. Basically, the hydrafacial skin care device and the hydrafacial device offer many functions different from other devices such as skin care steam machine.

Hydrafacial Device Titles
Hydrafacial device heads are designed for different functions of the device. For example, different heads are used for functions such as deep cleansing, blackhead removal or skin resurfacing.

Hydrafacial Device: A Different Name Same Technology
The Hydrafacial device is also known in some places as the "hydrofacial device". However, both names represent the same technology. Although skin care devices are sold with the hydrafacial label, their basic functions and success rates are the same.

Hydrafacial Machine: Investment and Return
This device, also called Hydrafacial device or machine, may have a high initial investment cost. However, thanks to the various skin care services it offers and customer satisfaction, you can get a return on your investment in a short time.

Hydrafacial offers a much wider range of services compared to traditional devices such as skin care steamers. It provides a modern skin care experience with different heads and functions. If you are considering making an investment in this field, hydrafacial devices should definitely be considered.




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