Viso Care

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Thanks to up-to-date technologies such as RGB and UV, Viso Care.... is a skin analyzer used to view the subcutaneous tissue, with the aim of contributing to the diagnosis of pre-care and measuring the success rate of the post-treatment process with the magic mirror system using the digital image feature.

Working Principle

Viso Care creates a detailed digital image of the face with the help of the magic mirror system and the lighting equipment inside, and the simultaneous operation of many high resolution cameras. In this way, many analyzes such as Stains, Wrinkles, Skin Moisture Rate, Sebum and Pigmentation are performed.

Technology Content

The skin scanner analyzer system is an advanced image analysis technology that uses digital image systems through the RGB and UV spectrum. HD Picture Quality - ANDROID System - UV Light Technology - RGB Picture Quality

Advantages to the Business

Patient satisfaction and trust can be gained by performing pre-diagnosis and posttreatment analysis and measuring the success of the procedure. With skin analysis, more accurate product recommendations can be made. Successful results can be presented with pre-application analysis detection. Appropriate treatment determination for pre- and post-procedure. The client’s facial images can be compared before and after skincare. The success of the treatment can be measured with the photographs taken before and after the procedures. Ergonomic and portable design advantage. High efficiency with low cost.

Benefits to End User

Fast and comfortable operation. Increasing the success rate of the procedure to be performed by providing the correct diagnosis.

Devices and Prices Needed to Open a Beauty Center: Mormed Group Viso Care Skin and Body Analyzers


If you want to open a beauty center, you need to have a detailed knowledge of the devices and equipment required. In particular, skin and body analyzers allow you to determine exactly what customers need. Below you will find information about skin analyzers and other requirements.

Skin Analyzers
You can analyze your customers' skin types and needs by using a skin analyzer or facial analyzer. These devices are very useful in determining the most appropriate treatment method for skin problems.

Body Analyzer
The body analyzer provides information about the client's overall body health and provides a baseline to see which types of treatments will be more effective.

Devices Used in the Beauty Salon
Apart from the skin analysis machine, the beauty center may also have different types of skin devices and aesthetic machines. For example, laser devices are very effective for skin resurfacing and wrinkle treatment.

Beauty Center Laser Machine Prices
If you are going to offer laser treatment in your beauty center, you should do a detailed research on beauty center laser machine prices. Prices may vary depending on the brand and model of the device, its capacity and other technical features.

Skin analyzers, body analyzers and other beauty salon devices are among the basic needs of a beauty center. Thanks to these devices, you can provide better quality service to your customers and improve your business.


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