Mormed Group Beauty Center and Salon Setup:  Beauty Salon Sales Products and Regulations


If you are planning to set up a beauty center or salon, the main issues you will face at the beginning include materials, regulations and the products you will use. Here is some important information on these topics:

Beauty Salon Supplies
The basic materials needed to run a beauty salon include hairdressing chairs, mirrors, hair clippers, blow dryers, manicure-pedicure sets and basic skin care products. If you will also perform medical aesthetic applications, medical devices and sterilization equipment will also be required.

Beauty Salon Regulation
The beauty salon regulation, which is determined according to the laws of Turkey or the country you are in, determines the legal and ethical norms that your business must comply with. Hygiene, employee training, licenses and permits, ensuring all these legal requirements are essential for the sustainability of your business.

Establishing a Beauty Center
When setting up a beauty center, in addition to the salon supplies mentioned above, you will also need more specific and specialized equipment. Such as laser hair removal machines, skin care devices, and medical grade products.

Beauty Center Products Medical
Medical products are usually recommended by dermatologists and medical aestheticians. These products have more concentrated active ingredients and are available by prescription or only in professional beauty centers.


Products Used in Beauty Center

The products used in the beauty center should generally be of high quality and effectiveness. The quality of the service provided to customers is directly proportional to the quality of the products used. It can be medical or organic, but it should definitely be reliable and effective.

As a result, when establishing a beauty center or salon, the above-mentioned topics should be taken as a basis and a detailed business plan should be drawn up. Necessary materials and products should be carefully selected, regulations should be followed and customer satisfaction should always be prioritized.




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