Laser Hair Removal Equipment and Machine

Laser Hair Removal Devices and Machine

Laser Hair Removal Devices

  Mormed Group has brought a new breath to the production of laser hair removal devices with its innovative and forward-thinking manufacturing approach and high-end technology investments. Our primary goal is to give life to technologies that can deliver effective and comfortable applications and at the same time save time to both businesses and customers with the speed of application.

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Laser Hair Removal Technologies;


Alex EisPulseli Laser Hair Removal Device

Alex Plus3D Laser Hair Removal Device

Diode CardinaleDiode Laser Hair Removal Device

Ilex AlexandriteLaser Hair Removal Device

Magic EisIce Laser Hair Removal Device

Magic Proipl Laser Hair Removal Device

Magic PulseLaser Hair Removal Device

Red Shine FeinHybrid Laser Hair Removal Device

TatouageLaser Tattoo Wiper Device and Machine



Hair Removal Machine

  When producing professional laser hair removal machine, we offer options for both quality and financial budget and possibilities of businesses.


Laser Device

  Laser device produced in our system is not copied by other devices at one time completely original and with domestic capital as a reflection of years of experience and expertise with our knowledge and experience. is presented to you.

Laser Technologies

  We closely follow both micro and nanotechnological developments in the age of information and technology. We reflect all these developments together with expert and experienced engineers, technicians and qualified personnel in all our units to the industry in our country about laser technologies. We’re leading.

  Effective and comfortable laser hair removal devices that come to life with quality and the latest technology will add value to your business. We continue to work with many businesses both at home and abroad. With our after-sales service and support, we deliver the quality of our service to you until the end.

  Whether you buy or rent our devices. If you want to buy the device you rented later, we deduct the rental amount you pay from the price of the device, so you can have the device.

  In our body there are not only laser hair removal technologies, but also regional slimming and thinning devices, skin and body analyzers, skin care devices and a kind of solution.

  Our intention is not only to sell you devices, but to help you grow your business. We would like to have you among us with thousands of positive references.


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